The Effective Advocates Collaborative

Collectively, the Effective Advocates Collaborative offers significant communications talent and experience to support specific client outcomes. Communications planning and implementation are cornerstones of the practice, characterized by our reliance on valid data to inform communication strategies. We analyze the environment, identify key audiences, test and distill critical messages and approaches to drive the desired behavioral outcome, and create content to use in an integrated approach, including the ever-evolving range of traditional and social media channels. Creative services such as writing, design and photography are available to create compelling narratives—whether you are reaching policymakers, philanthropists, opinion leaders, stakeholders, donors and others. We believe that effective communication is fundamental to building lasting relationships with a variety of constituencies and driving specific outcomes.
Whether you are a business, a non-profit or a public entity, there are long and short-term funding resources available in the federal, state and private arenas. At the Effective Advocates Collaborative, we bring to bear diverse networks of contacts to open doors, identify creative opportunities for funding, cultivate awareness and secure a wide range of financial support for clients. We offer grant research and writing services, corporate donor strategy development, as well as a wide range of services to help clients access federal and state funding. Our approach mirrors what we use for advocacy—we analyze the environment and the funding source to identify key players and opportunities. Then, we utilize data to craft a compelling rationale for funding support and pre-position the client for success, cultivating strategic relationships and showcasing the alignment of client characteristics with the priorities of the funding agency or entity.
At the Effective Advocates Collaborative, we define advocacy to include direct lobbying, educating, coalition-building, issue campaigns, cause-related marketing and behavioral public relations. Our integrated, analytical approach first identifies decision-makers and opinion leaders within the broader environment, as well as competing issues, potential opposition and opportunities for alignment and support. Once the context and players are understood, we leverage our expansive networks to cultivate relationships within the relevant organizations, whether congressional office, federal agency, regulatory body or other organizations. We analyze the potential for other stakeholder support, and if appropriate, create coalitions to enhance the impact of the advocacy efforts. Finally, we develop compelling messaging and data-driven advocacy strategies to deliver specific behavioral outcomes from key players such as supporting a legislative measure, advancing a project within an agency, modifying regulatory schemes or other actions.
Along with our ability to access diverse and influential networks, the Effective Advocates Collaborative is distinguished by our emphasis on research and the use of credible data to support client outcomes. We develop targeted, focused approaches that reflect a clear understanding of the context in which decisions will be made and the factors that will influence the outcome. Most policymakers and opinion leaders serve their own constituencies, and effective strategies to influence these key players demonstrate, through analysis, how client interests are aligned with their constituencies. In developing compelling messaging, we utilize factual data to enhance and clarify the rationale, so that we can build the most persuasive case for delivering desired client outcomes. Our services in this area include surveys, focus groups, gap analysis, perception testing, behavioral studies, issue anticipation, and other tools that provide insight into constituency perspectives.

A diverse team offering strategic advocacy, development, communications and research services to achieve specific policy or funding outcomes. Contact us via email or at 202.423.3106.