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An attorney and news reporter with a long tenure on Capitol Hill, Steve Schwadron integrates lobbying, communications and grassroots work to help clients navigate the Washington maze. His approach is pragmatic and tailored to the needs of each project.

Recently, he formed a national charity coalition to stem sharp declines in vehicle donations through legislation with over 300 congressional cosponsors. Working with the travel and tourism industry, he helped enact legislation to increase international visitation to the United States. For the freedom schooner Amistad, Steve negotiated a U.S. public diplomacy mission to Cuba. Other clients have ranged from online gaming firms to cellular service resellers.

During two decades as a congressional chief of staff, Steve helped win passage of legislation to streamline international adoption, prevent wrongful executions and create a new national park. He also helped launch a pilot project, since replicated nationally, to offer discounted heating oil to 50,000 low-income families.

Steve Schwadron

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