The Effective Advocates Collaborative

An accomplished educator, Kristen has taught high school English for more than 20 years and is well-versed in education issues. On the communications front, she has extensive writing and editing experience working with a wide variety of subject matter. She specializes in distilling complex material into clear compelling messaging. Given her teaching background, she is particularly adept at analyzing client information and developing effective presentations and utilizing other communication media.  Kristen also brings to bear over a decade of fund-raising experience, having worked for Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, the Jamestown Library in Rhode Island, Salem Hospital in Massachusetts, and Rhode Island College in various professional development capacities. As Chief Operating Officer at the Effective Advocates Collaborative, Kristen manages all aspects of the systems and administration, client communication, project development and implementation, as well as other operations responsibilities. Kristen graduated from Bates College and holds a Master of Arts in Education from Rhode Island College.

Kristen Jalbert

of Counsel

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