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Find YOUR Voice in 2018 - 01/02/18

Looking back on the last 12 months is more than a little unnerving. At least for those of us who believe that words matter, and that collaboration and collective endeavor are our best way forward in a hazardous world. We saw jaw-dropping language and careless tactics in 2017, and perhaps the greatest risk we face […]

The changing US political landscape: what it means for green chemistry - 04/30/17

 Chemical Watch Global Business Briefing, April 2017 / Green chemistry, New TSCA/LCSA The goal of the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council (GC3) is to make green chemistry mainstream practice. To achieve this we need to spur federal leadership into providing funding and incentives that lead to increased innovation and adoption of new green chemistry products […]

View from the USA: It’s a Whole New World - 01/04/17

Published in Bio-based World News, December 5, 2016 In 2016, the US presidential elections followed the UK’s Brexit lead, delivering stunning results as anti-establishment voters upended traditional candidates and platforms throughout the campaign process. In the weeks since president-elect Trump earned a narrow victory, the US has seen thousands take to the streets in protest […]

DC: The Road Ahead for Renewable Chemicals & Materials - 12/01/16

Thought Leadership Published November 28, 2016 It will be some time before the new world order in Washington DC is fully defined. In the wake of his stunning victory, every media outlet and political pundit is parsing clues from President-elect Trump’s meetings, announcements, videos and tweets. For large, entrenched DC interests, this is a very […]

US government is on the hunt for ground-breaking solutions. - 11/21/16

View from the USA: The government is on the hunt for ground-breaking solutions. Published in Bio-Based World News November 8, 2016 In the latest in a series of guest views from the USA, Michele Jalbert, chief operating officer, and Corinne Young, chief advocate, of the Renewable Chemicals & Advanced Materials Alliance (re:chem), address US government […]

Bio-based World News: View from the USA - 08/31/16

View from the USA: Getting the Bio-based Industry Ready for BRDI Grants Published August 31, 2016 As Summer draws to a close, Michele Jalbert, Chief Operating Officer, and Corinne Young, Chief Advocate, of the Renewable Chemical and Materials Alliance (re:chem) examine in our latest Stateside update, a cross-agency federal program geared toward developing sustainable sources […]

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